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January 26th, 2033 by d.s.

The day has gone. Time to unwind. The day zipped past like so many days do it seems. A thick black elixir of caffeine sustained me though. I went out earlier. I bought some new speakers, because my old ones hummed. It wasn’t snowing yet, so that was ok. And, I stopped to get groceries. I can’t live on “virtual food” you know! So, I’ve been popping Mike & Ike candy, and trying hard to finish up something presentable here. Maybe I can run the spell checker (where’s the damn AI when you need it?!?), and I can turn on the vid-screen and pass out. Remember to breathe.

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This is a story of a future in which the population keeps growing, technology keeps advancing, and people are caught in the crossfire between an Orwellian government and corrupt mega-global corporations. The world of the Sprawl is a dark, urban dystopia, full of conflict and passion and a growing divide between the highest and lowest echelons of society.

Follow Johnny Dark, as he dives deep into The Net, to mine data and search for patterns in the data stream. All along, Johnny tries to make ends meet and stay alive as society follows a dark spiral into chaos.

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