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February 20th, 2033 by d.s.

OK. I’m not crazy, but I’ve been hearing that strange high pitched noise again. It could be the hours I’m jacked in, sitting in the dark, hour after hour. I’m sure it adds up. It could just be a left over ringing from the noise of the city or a loud heavy metal concert I attended as a punk youth. Then there’s the rumors about the new burger at McD. People say they’ve been experimenting on the public for years. First the NSA bought Google, then they scooped up major eCommerce sites like Amazon, then they bought McD. They already had all the electronic tracking possible, and with a legit fast food chain that was a major global, they could start to gather other things. They supposedly have been collecting biometrics for years, and recently started a rather thorough database of DNA for customers. Now they are supposed to be involved with Nanotech. Tracking devices, tagged fluorescent agents and now these little things that lodge in your brain and hum. Hell if I know what they do, but I’ve cut out the grease burgers ever since I started hearing the nose. You can’t be too sure, I always say…

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